Poolburn viaduct, tunnel and Gilchrists Store


Is the friendly bike hire and booking company on the Otago Central Rail Trail. We specialise in:

  • Rail Trail Bike hire.
  • Preparation and booking of travel on the Otago Central Rail Trail along with helpful advice so you can make the most of your time on the Rail Trail.   This includes arranging transport to and from the rail trail, accommodation on and off the rail trail (eg Queenstown,Christchurch or Dunedin), baggage transport along the rail trail, extra activities like curling in Naseby, off trail rides and golf among others.

We’re a great choice for:

  • Independent travellers – as we custom design a package based on your requirements – at no cost to you.
  • Families – we’ve got a young family of our own and we understand how to ease the pressures of a family holiday.
  • Full trail or part trail customers – we can provide you with a package for the whole trail or because we’re in Omakau, we’re ideally situated for one or two day trips that look to take in the highlights of the Poolburn Gorge and Tunnels. You’ll find the itinerary we create for you is great value, as good as if not better than if you’d booked it yourself, and full of information to make for a smooth journey.
  • Anyone that hasn’t ridden a bike in quite some time or who is looking for a very “plush” ride – our Specialized 2011 comfort bikes provide what is called “Ground Control Geometry” for a confident, upright seating position and easy mount and dismount. This is a key feature for those older hips and knees!
  • Anyone who’s wanting to ride a sport mountain bike because that’s what you’re used to – we have Avanti Atomic Sport Mountain bikes in sizes S to XL.

Our service:

We started out providing accommodation for the Otago Central Rail Trail and over the years we’ve listened to and noted the experiences of customers. So, when we started shebikeshebikes our aims were simple

  • to provide you with a great experience via detailed and attentive service
  • to match your expectations with the right product
  • to be innovative in regards to the service and gear that we provide
  • to cater for you whether you’re doing the trail end to end or just want to do a section or two
  • to provide you with the advice and information you need to have a hassle free holiday
  • to ensure that you are fitted to the right bike
  • to make it transparent and make it real

Our bikes:

We reckon we’ve got some of the best bikes on the trail.

Comfort – Our comfort bikes are the very latest 2011 comfort bikes from Specialized USA.  Specialized are passionate about bikes (their company by-line is “Innovate or die”) and their 2011 Expedition Sports are testament to this. The “Ground Control Geometry” of these bikes means that you can sit on the seat with feet on the ground and then simply pedal away, perfect if it’s been a while since you’ve been on a bike. The upright posture means that you won’t suffer fatigue in your arms as you would if you were riding a mountain bike (and weren’t used to riding one). Combine this with the Body Geometry grips to alleviate hand pain, front shock absorber, suspension seat post and the wide platform sprung seat and you find that you’re in for a very “plush ride”.
The Expedition Sport comes in two models:

  • A low entry geometry which lets you step through the frame to mount the bike rather than having to “throw a leg” over the seat and your trunk/pannier bag that you’ve stuffed full of trail mix 😉 Don’t get caught out thinking this is a womens bike because it’s not, it’s form meets the functional need of an easy mount and dismount and super stable base. We recently had a group of customers where the males confessed to having swapped their sport mountain bikes for the low entry expeditions their partners had chosen so they could experience the fun, plush ride. In our opinion these are the perfect rail trail bike – fun, stylie, stable and plush.

  • A traditional geometry with a steeply angled top tube and “Ground Control Geometry”. You’ll need to “throw a leg over” to get onto this one but they’re still a fun, stable and plush ride with an upright posture. Well suited to the purest or conservative at heart (yes, there’s a challenge in there to step out and try the low entry).

Sport – If you’re a regular mountain biker and simply can’t bring yourself to “go comfort ” or you’re going to try out some of the off trail options we provide, then the Avanti Atomic is a great sport mountain bike with disc brakes, 24 gears and regular quick fire gear changers.

We’ve also introduced some Specialized Hardrock 29rs. These have the big 29 inch wheels that are taking the mountain bike world by storm. Like the atomic they’ve got 24 gears and disc brakes with regular quick fire gear changers.

Both bikes are modified with the addition of a comfort seat comprised of double density foam and air cell springs along with a pannier rack for your gear.

Specialized Hardrock 29r







Kids – Once again Specialized comes to the front with the kids Hot Rock mountain bike with super low stand over height, making it perfect for your 8 to 12 yr old (depending on height).

For the younger kids, we’d recommend a tag-along that attaches to your bike or for the really small members of the family then try the kiddie trailer. We’ve also sourced something really exciting and innovative in the tag-along range in the form or the recumbent IGO. This is an excellent tag along because if your tail end charlie wants to have a sleep then they can do so without putting a stop to you cycling.












We’ve got one of these and based on customer feedback we’ve modified it to provide the right sort of ride for the Otago Central Rail Trail – super comfortable gel sprung seats, front shocks, and ape hangers for the “stoker” so that they’re not staring at the “captains” bottom (irrespective of how nice it might be to stare at).


The majority of our panniers are the fabulous Topeak MDX Trunkbag DXP,  European engineering at its best.  Aside from being a zipper and gadget nirvana for the guys, this bag has three excellent features

  • It starts out as a trunk bag on the rear pannier rack, which means if you’re only carrying a little bit of gear, then it’s all nicely balanced directly behind you

  • If you need to carry more then you just unzip the sides and flip out the additional pannier bags

  • At the end of the day, don’t worry about having to unpack it or struggle trying to release it. Simply press the quick release button and slide it off. The next morning, just slide it back on again.

Our Challenge to you

Give us a yell and let us show you what we can do for you so you can explore and experience this amazing part of New Zealand – bookings@shebikeshebikes.co.nz